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About Us

We are a Lagos-based business solution firm.
We developed BSSITM model to assist Governments, Companies and Small business owners to fully realise their objectives.

Manage your business

At JSC Nigeria, we work with business owners/entrepreneurs to mind business. This we do by understanding client’s needs, business objectives, corporate strategic thrust and the business model.

Increase revenues

We thereafter implement our proven methodology to analysis the business in order to have a better understanding of its operations and activities and identify factors inhibiting the achievement of business objectives.

Reduce costs

We discuss with clients and suggest ways of improving the business after which we work with clients to implement recommendations.

What is BSSITM?

BSSITM is a time-tested, cost effective business solution that guarantees achievement of your business objectives irrespective of the developmental stage (i.e. seed, start-up, growth, established, expansion, and mature) of your business.

The solution takes your business through the critical levels of growth and profitability and ensure that the business achieve a state of dependence from the owners.

BSSITM ensures you achieve your business objectives. It transforms your business from the position of inertia to reality, from the minimum to optimum performance.

Our dedicated consultants work with clients to take the business through the different components of BSSITM

It takes an average of about 3 months to implement a component of BSSITM and the results of each component are instantly measureable. All together, it takes between 9 months to 18 months to implement the complete BSSITM depending on the complexity of your business and its operations.

We have been offering BSSITM components to range of clients depending on their needs since 2007.

Cost to client depends on the number of hours and skills necessarily required to implement each component of BSSITM. It also depends on the complexity of the client’s business and its operations.


Some of our clients that have achieved

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